Research and Development

A team of technicians, led by our Director, Mayank Agarwal, spearheads the research and development function at Rupmaya. Innovation is the key mantra we follow – delivering faster designs at reduced costs and better quality.

Shoe Last Modelling

We cater to an extremely demanding and fashion conscious market. Our team of over twenty highly experienced shoe last modellers work towards crafting new shoe last models for our clients. At Rupmaya, we have the capability to provide custom solutions, quickly.

Shoe Last Modelling


Our shoe lasts are manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC machines. With two simultaneous production lines, we have the ability to craft over 1000 pairs of lasts, in addition to making over 250 pairs of samples, each day. With streamlined processes in place, we are able to ensure error-free production.

Quality Control

At Rupmaya, we have a dedicated team for quality control. They ensure that each last we deliver confirms to the specifications required, thereby ensuring that no time is lost at the client’s end.

Quality Control


We realize that we are an integral step in the manufacturing cycle of each of our clients. We therefore, are committed to maintaining and managing the timelines and delivery schedules for clients. Ever since we started producing lasts, we have never delivered an order late.